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Press review: imedicup on France 5 in the program “Le Magazine de la Santé” on January 22, 2015.

In France if there’s one symbolic television program discussing health issues for the general public, it’s got to be “Le Magazine de la Santé”, presented by doctors and journalists Michel Cymes, Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Benoît Thévenet. If you watched the show on Thursday January 22, 2015, you may have seen imedicup as presented by […]

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CES 2015: What a great welcome for imedipac and imedicup !

Well, there you go, the CES Las Vegas 2015 is already over. We were delighted to present our latest innovations in smart health: the imedipac pill box and the imedicup. The atmosphere was both studious and excited. In the main hall, large groups, small companies and start-ups were side by side, with a mixture of […]

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CES 2015: A second day of meeting a lot of people and presenting our inventions.

The CES 2015 continues in Las Vegas. It’s been very busy and we are presenting imedipac and imedicup non-stop (more info here). The international press has also shown great interest in our innovations in smart health, Caroline Blochet (CEO of Medissimo) is delighted to answer all their questions. We will keep you informed through this […]

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Medissimo’s imedipac and imedicup: medication gets connected!

Medissimo has invented the imedipac connected pillbox and the imedicup connected pill cup: smart tools for proper medication intake. imedipac from Medissimo improving intake compliance imedicup from Medissimo the ultimate safety in drug intake According to the WHO, “solving the problem of patient non-compliance would be more effective than the advent of any medical progress.” With imedipac, […]

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