Extend autonomy

This is the desire of many senior patients who wish to keep their independence for as long as possible. The secured pill box is a necessity in case of non-adherence to their treatment

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imedipac rewarded by the magazine “Notre Temps” as part of the fourth “Les Héros de Notre Temps” annual rewards.

Each year, the monthly magazine “Notre Temps” rewards its heroes, “the people working for others”. Caroline Blochet, President of Medissimo, was rewarded yesterday as one of the six 2014 “Notre Temps” heroes, receiving the Silver economy prize for the imedipac smart pill box. You can see the video and article on this event, below (video […]

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Initiatives to help the helpers.

There are currently 8.3 million helpers in France supporting an elderly, dependant person on a daily basis. Their tasks are often multiple. They are involved in cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing and dressing, but also keeping them company, walking, talking, discussing the past and maintaining the links with their friends and relations. There is also often […]

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