Correct medication utilization

Improve the quality of life of patients by securing the medication circuit and improving medication adherence.

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Press review: le Moniteur des pharmacies “A conclusive experiment on Treatment Preparation”

The weekly magazine “le Moniteur des pharmacies” issue no. 3060 dated December 13th, 2014 published an article on the experiment carried out by the Lower-Normandy URPS and Medissimo called “Improvement of treatment adherence among elderly patients at home”. The title speaks for itself  “Lower-Normandy: a conclusive experiment on Prepared Treatment” (translation below) ” A conclusive experiment […]

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Talking to your pharmacist. Guidelines from the French National Authority for Health (Haute Autorité de Santé / HAS).

The pharmacist is an essential participant in the patient’s treatment plan (parcours de soin). Many people think that their mission consists solely in handing out boxes of medication; this is of course completely untrue. At Medissimo, we are well aware that the pharmacist plays a crucial role in ensuring the correct use of medication. This […]

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The reference site is celebrating its first birthday by reaching 900,000 visits.

On October 1st, 2013 the French Ministry for Health launched the website to provide “reliable, neutral and transparent information on medicinal drugs”. In particular, it includes a detailed description of each drug including its key characteristics, instructions, therapeutic indications, price, social security reimbursement rate, etc… Thus, over 12,000 pharmaceutical specialties are listed with information […]

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Initiatives to help the helpers.

There are currently 8.3 million helpers in France supporting an elderly, dependant person on a daily basis. Their tasks are often multiple. They are involved in cooking, cleaning, gardening, washing and dressing, but also keeping them company, walking, talking, discussing the past and maintaining the links with their friends and relations. There is also often […]

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