Chronic illness

Long term, progressing illness which modifies the patient’s life in the long term and can lead to dependence

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The French Department of research, surveys, evaluation and statistics (DREES) publishes their 6th report on the state of the French population’s health

The DREES has just published an inventory on the health status of people in France. This very thorough report, explains in particular that “in comparison to other countries with the same standard of living, health in France appears to be globally good” and” that life expectancy continues to rise, contributing to an ageing population and […]

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A survey has shown a huge lack of adherence among patients with 6 chronic illnesses

Since 2006, improving treatment adherence has been an important goal for Medissimo who have designed and created their technological pill boxes and tracking software Siapda. In 2012, IMS HEALTH indicated that around the world, half of the potential savings in health costs involved adherence. These savings were calculated at 269 billion dollars for 186 countries. […]

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A survey by the Ile-de-France branch of the “Espace de réflexion éthique” (Ethical thought section) on the place of neurodegenerative diseases in our society.

In 2012 the “Espace de réflexion éthique” of the Ile-de-France region surveyed the French population on their knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease. This year, they focused on the position in our society of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. For this, the TNS Sofres institute analyzed on-line conversations on these topics and interviewed a […]

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