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This work uses data collected over a period of 36 months, on the medication intake of 35,788 patients (average headcount) residing in 469 nursing homes, supplied by 338 dispensaries, with a total of 4,841,060 packets of drugs prescribed in 573,735 chronic prescriptions.

Supported by an innovative information system, the preparation of drugs in pill boxes for elderly people enables the large scale collection of data on behavior and treatment costs in medical institutions. The originality of this survey, as well as the scope of the sample population, is the dual analysis of annual and individual indicators based on the length of stay of the resident.

This dual approach leads to a reduction in the duration of multi-prescriptions and in a slight reduction in the poly-medication of residents upon their arrival in the nursing home and in the multiplication of therapy types prescribed for one patient during their stay. It highlights the economic impact inherent with a better use and the impact of generic drugs. Finally it encourages the wider use of interoperable information systems and specifications in nursing homes, facilitating on site pharmaceutical management of treatment, in coordination with doctors.

Data collected in France from 2011 to 2013


Connect the pill box – The survey on medication use was carried out under the supervision of Caroline Blochet, Doctor of pharmacy and President of Medissimo, Jean-Marie Vétel, Doctor of medicine, Geriatrician, Medical Director of the Groupe Dolcéa and Antone Vial, Expert in Public Health.

The pharmaceutical preparation of drugs in individual pill boxes for elderly people facilitates the wide scale collection of data on behavior and treatment costs in medical establishments. The 338 dispensaries supplying the 469 nursing homes surveyed, used the mono28® pill box, also using Medissimo’s Siapda® information system which enables them to enter all the information relating to residents’ treatment: the drug, dose, intake time, length of treatment, price. The information is immediately saved to the Medissimo platform.

Public interest data made public – While generally Public health data on medication use remains confidential in France and Europe, the anonymous data collected by Medissimo is made available, free of charge, to European universities and researchers. Medissimo will also publish the first constantly updated observatory of medication consumption in France. This anonymous data is initially available on nursing home populations and will be completed with data from other patients, in particular those using Connected objects (such as the imedipac connected pill box) developed by Medissimo.

Observatory available in real time in the Spring of 2015.