Program developed and patented by Medissimo, siapda (in French: Système d’Information Assistant la Préparation des Doses à Administrer) for Information System Assisting Prepared Treatment, secures the medication circuit and improves compliance for all of our pill boxes. Siapda is what makes it possible to efficiently monitor production, treatment and consumption as well as the coordination of treatment.

Siapda allows for full traceability of treatment, prepared pill boxes, cartons, excess deliveries, leftovers, compliance data, reporting relevant information to the patient, the doctor, the pharmacist and the health facility.

As well as the identity of the patient, the prescriber and the dispensary, siapda allows for labeling to include the identification of the pharmacist, pharmaceutical assistant, prescription, the drug, its tracking number, batch number expiry date, how it is to be taken and the precise quantities prepared.

Siapda is installed by downloading with our assistance.


Description of siapda

Designed to be global

  • Compatible with professional pharmacy and nursing home software
  • Reliable traceability of the prescription in 5 clicks
  • Full traceability of information identifying the patient, prescription, stakeholders, medication, treatments, inspections, issuance, intake, excesses, changes, costs, tracking numbers, batch numbers, expiry dates, quantities prepared, and surplus
  • Themed documents for pre-prepared pill boxes, non re-packaged medication, treatment information, analysis of surplus, monitoring issuance, administration, compliance
  • Medico-economic monitoring of prescriptions, both individual and global
  • Simplified management of reminders on the multi-criteria mode for the patient, the prescription, the medication, the batch, the expiry date
  • Remote monitoring of medication with information reports to the patient, the professional, the health facility

Pharmaceutical best practices

  • Easy to install by downloading, works autonomously locally, synchronization programmed and automatic
  • Secured access with authorizations and an automatic back-up
  • Transparency of the subscription with a user license for each patient and a service contract for each pharmacy, including upgrades and phone assistance
  • Immediate termination without charges if you are not fully satisfied
  • Recommended for the 22,500 pharmacy dispensaries in France, even for a small number of patients

User process

Medico-economic surveillance indicators