Medissimo is a French company striving to improve the use of medication by providing technological pill boxes with overall traceability of the medication circuit.

Medissimo contributes to research on the effectiveness of treatments through their nursing home observatory made available to the general public.

Medissimo works hand in hand with the health industry and new technologies to protect the quality of life of persons with chronic illnesses.


In the beginning

In 2006, Caroline Blochet gave up her pharmacy dispensary and created Medissimo to contribute to resolving the problem of treatment non-adherence.

As so many chronic patients either make mistakes when preparing their medication, or forget to take it altogether, Caroline Blochet invented innovative pill box solutions to enable these patients to remain at home for longer and protect their quality of life.


Our products

The company secures the medication circuit and improves the adherence of the most vulnerable patients by enabling pharmacists to deliver medication in pill organizers, with complete traceability of treatment.

Medissimo designs and makes all necessary products available to the health industry. This involves products such as medipac, the secured mono dose pill box, the information system for total traceability of medication, or if required in pharmacies, automated packaging technology.

  • Technological pill boxes : secured pill boxes, connected pill boxes
  • siapda : information system assisting the preparation of doses to be administered
  • Equipment : preparation machines in pharmacies, distribution carts in nursing homes
  • Assistance : training, audit and personalized services

Our rewards

Rewarded at the CES, Las Vegas 2014, imedipac, commercialized this winter in France, was voted innovation of the year in the health and well-being category. Each year, the best electronic inventions for the general public are presented during this trade fair.

Its simplicity, the obvious usefulness of this day to day health object won over the jury with the discrete presence of embedded new technologies in the intelligent pill box.

Medissimo is a respected stakeholder of innovation in the health industry. Medissimo received a medal for ONFI (Objets de la Nouvelle France Industrielle – Objects of the New Industrial France), awarded by the Minister for Industrial Recovery rewarding innovative objects. Medissimo is a certified stakeholder in the Silver Economy. The company is most notably recognized by the French government as an innovative and committed stakeholder striving to extend autonomy and protect the quality of life of people with chronic illnesses.


People with chronic illnesses

Over 150 million chronic patients in the world and 15 million in France. The majority of these patients have complex prescriptions. Most are over 80, despite the emergence of an increasing number of younger patients. At Medissimo, we are acting today so that living with a medical treatment can be more agreeable tomorrow.

At Medissimo, we believe that the patient is the first stakeholder in their treatment. We leave no stone unturned to come up with innovative solutions to maintain their freedom.

In creating their pill boxes, Medissimo’s first aim was to make daily life better for these people. So that patients with chronic illnesses can remain independent and in good health.

The healthcare industry

From the beginning, Medissimo has worked closely with the Health industry and new technologies to ensure that our solutions are useful to the health industry, extend the autonomy of patients and protect their quality of life.

Aware that these professionals will become the main ambassadors of the pill boxes and information systems created by Medissimo, these solutions were designed to facilitate their mission and to improve the trust of their patients.

Medissimo’s products are designed to support nursing home teams over time in securing the medication circuit. Available in our partner pharmacies, the pill boxes are increasingly products of the future aiming towards individualized health policies, for protection and maintaining at home for as long as possible.