medipac solution at home

Focusing on adherence


Adherence is a positive approach by the patient, it’s the capacity to take medication correctly and over a long period. The medipac solution was designed precisely for this, the patient pierces the compartment of their pill box easily, and in one simple action. Medissimo provides the patient with their compliance program available through the pharmacist.


The program is based on the preparation and monitoring of treatment through a pill box, coaching on the correct use of medication, compliance with treatments. The pharmacist plays an important role by informing, actively supporting adherence, communicating and coordinating.


The target result is to improve adherence to 98%, to improve the effectiveness of treatments, reduce the risk of medicinal accidents, care related expenditure, and most importantly to extend the patient’s independence and protect their quality of life. Published in 2014.

medipac solution in healthcare facilities

The ready to take solution

The drug dose, prepared by the pharmacy, is ready for intake.

For the distribution of therapies, medipac is THE SOLUTION in the absence of a caregiver. . It is also THE SOLUTION in nursing homes when treatment is stable and when the organization requires that the initial presentation of medication is maintained.

Medissimo installs the mono28 solution according to the quality standards of its convention, organizing the pharmaceutical service between nursing homes and the pharmacy, to comply with each party’s requirements, with reliability and efficacy. This convention vouches for the quality of service provided. With this convention, Medissimo provides clear and balanced specifications. This convention lays out the cooperation between the two parties and organizes the responsibilities and relations from start to finish. Published in 2006.