Medissimo is the winner of the French IoT competition hosted by La Poste. This new French Internet of Things and connected health champion is promoting prepared treatment adherence in clinical trials by making its made-in-France imedipac connected pill box an integral component of the La Poste digital hub. As a result, this hub will become a cutting-edge solution for describing and analysing the processes that result in patients taking or not taking their medication.

In partnership with La Poste, Medissimo will unveil this new connected health solution at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show from 6 to 9 January 2016, continuing and extending La Poste expertise in data transmission and protection. This new opportunity will be of enormous interest to pharmaceutical laboratories.

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Clinical trials make it possible to evaluate the tolerance and efficacy of a medicine before it is made available in the market. More than 500 clinical trials are conducted every year in France, requiring around 13,000 patients to be monitored.

Medissimo, the pioneer in the development of connected health technology solutions and the company that developed the connected pill box, aims to facilitate the daily lives of 15 million chronic disease patients in France. This new partnership with La Poste gives Medissimo the opportunity to roll out imedipac for use in clinical trials, during which measurements of treatment adherence must be correlated with other measured physiopathology variables (weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, haemoglobin count, etc.) that are now easily accessible thanks to health connected objects.

Medissimo Founder Caroline Blochet: “Connected health has become an essential element of public health. And clinical trials can now benefit from that across large sample groups of patients. We are issuing an invitation to all connected healthcare stakeholders to join our platform and plug in to the research”.

How does it work?

Winner of a CES Innovation Award in the Health and Fitness category, imedipac is revolutionizing treatment adherence and improving its level amongst chronic disease patients to as much as 98% in the first month of use.

Award CES Las Vegas 2014

Award CES Las Vegas 2014

imedipac provides a simple way of analyzing patient adherence in real time. This 7-day, 28-compartment pill box is prepared by the pharmacist to contain the correct dose of the prescription medicine for each administration. The patient is informed of the time to take his/her medicine by a visual and/or audio alert, and opens the appropriate compartment. Any failure to take the medicine is identified in real time.


The patient and/or family members can use a computer to view a comprehensive log of medicine administration times and other events. The resulting data are transmitted reliably and securely by GPRS via Bouygues Telecom, enabling total freedom of mobility worldwide. The Medissimo imedipac is made entirely in France by BSE Electronics.

Imedipac is available in pharmacies and on at a cost of €299 (inc. VAT) or can be rented at a charge of €29.90 (inc. VAT) per month.


Medissimo is using the La Poste digital hub to create a unique clinical trials evaluation platform.

In the clinical trial environment, imedipac makes it possible to conduct a highly detailed analysis of medicine administration data. Its extreme ease-of-use opens up the possibility to use much larger numbers of patients and obtain more representative data. The data automatically gathered by imedipac are transmitted using a secure protocol to the La Poste digital hub.

Other significant measurements essential when monitoring medical treatment – such as blood pressure, weight and blood sugar content – can be gathered using health connected objects and cross-referenced against the adherence results produced by imedipac.

What happens to the data gathered by imedipac and transmitted to the La Poste digital hub?

The data generated by the connected pill box and transmitted to the digital hub provide an unrivalled solution for monitoring clinical trials via a single platform that:
– analyses treatment adherence
– aggregates connected objects in addition to analyzing treatment adherence
– provides real time control
– delivers the agility required for industrial scale clinical trials

This collaboration between Medissimo and La Poste will therefore make it possible to ensure the security of the treatment system and improve treatment adherence by monitoring how and when the medicines in the pill box are taken. The platform provides full traceability of treatment, prepared pill boxes, packs, surpluses, treatment residues, adherence data, etc.

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La Poste and its IOT subsidiary

Connected objects are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives. IoT (Internet of Things) platforms make it possible to create value by interconnecting these objects to create new uses. Working via its Digital Hub, La Poste enables all connected objects and local services to be controlled and interconnected as the basis for creating new uses and services with the potential to revolutionize our daily lives and habits. The Digital Hub makes it possible to switch between the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services via a single interface.

About Medissimo

Founded in 2006 by Caroline Blochet (Pharm.D), Medissimo develops innovative solutions for medication compliance. Medissimo acts for the good use of medicines by proposing technological pill boxes in full traceability of medication.
Chronic diseases concern over 150 million chronic patients in the world and 15 million in France. The majority of these patients have complex prescriptions. Most are over 80, despite the emergence of an increasing number of younger patients. At Medissimo, we are acting today so that living with a medical treatment can be more agreeable tomorrow.
We believe that the patient is the first stakeholder in his treatment. We leave no stone unturned to come up with innovative and connected solutions to maintain their freedom.
In creating imedipac, the first connected pill box, Medissimo’s first aim was to make daily life better for these people. So that patients with chronic illnesses can remain independent and in good health.
imedipac was rewarded at the CES Las Vegas 2014 in the health and well-being category. Its simplicity, the obvious usefulness of this day to day health object won over the jury with the discrete presence of embedded new technologies in the intelligent pill box.

At present, imedipac is commercialized in France. 2016 will be the year of the involvement of imedipac in clinical studies using the Hub Numérique by La Poste in order to improve efficacy and safety of medicines.

About La Poste

La Poste is a wholly-state-owned public limited company since 1 March 2010 with a unique corporate model structured around five core businesses: Services-Mail-Parcels, La Banque Postale, the La Poste Network, GeoPost and Digital Services. The Group operates out of 40 countries on 4 continents. La Poste’s 17,000 retail outlets make it France’s leading local business network, each day serving 1.7 million customers. Every year, La Poste delivers 25 million items worldwide (letters, printed ad media and parcels), 6 days a week. In 2014, Le Groupe La Poste generated €22.2 billion in revenues (17.9% from outside France) and had a headcount of nearly 260,000. Le Groupe La Poste’s strategic plan, “La Poste 2020: conquering the future” outlines its ambitious objective of speeding up development in its five core businesses and expanding into new segments. La Poste puts human considerations and trust at the centre of customer relations. Greater synergies between its networks, accessible to everyone, everywhere, every day, are helping to make life just a little bit easier for La Poste’s customers.The digital branch was established in April 2014 and brings together all of the group’s digital activities under one roof. It comprises the digital division of La Poste and three BtoB subsidiaries: Docapost (a specialist in the digital transformation of companies), Mediapost Communication (digital media management and data processing) and Start’inPost (an industrial startup accelerator). It employs more than 5,500 people and expects a total turnover of more than EUR 1 billion in 2020.

I The definition of a clinical trial given in Article R1121-1 of the French Public Health Code: “Clinical trial of medicines intended to identify or confirm their clinical, pharmacological and pharmacodynamic effects or demonstrate any undesirable effect, or to study the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of medicines in order to confirm their safety or efficacy”.

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