Las Vegas, CES Unveiled – 5 January 2014

Medissimo, CES Innovation Award 2014 in the Health and Fitness category for Smart Pill Box, the communicating pill dispenser which is revolutionizing drug-taking.


According to the World Health Organization, “Solving the problem of medication non-adherence would be more effective than achieving any other medical progress.” With imedipac, medissimo is inventing a new benchmark in connected health enabling correct medication adherence, shared in real time. Imedipac is a communicating and secure device for the preparation of unit doses. It comprises a Smart Pill Box combined with the imedipac tamper-proof NFC pill dispenser. By enabling correct medication adherence, imedipac wants to improve the health of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The Medissimo teams invented imedipac to tackle the immense waste represented by medication non-adherence, both in terms of health and expenditure. This communicating pill dispenser ensures that taking medication is simple and safe. Imedipac is designed for patients following a chronic treatment. Fitted with optical sensors, it makes it easy for the patient to take their medication safely and regularly, to take their pills at the right time, day after day, morning, noon or night, as well as to share monitoring of their adherence with a third party and healthcare networks remotely and in real time, in a reliable and secure way, supported by LED indicators and alarms. Finally, a mobile application allows patients to monitor changes to their treatment at any time and to share any events reliably and securely. By improving correct adherence, the imedipac device makes treatments more effective, avoids waste, brings down costs and, above all, saves lives.

Caroline Blochet, Medissimo founder and President : «This affects more than 900 million elderly people and patients suffering from chronic diseases worldwide! With imedipac, Medissimo intends to reposition the patient at the center of their own health by giving them the best tool for correct medication adherence. »


Simple to use

The imedipac secure pill dispenser is a seven-day pill dispenser containing 28 compartments. It is prepared by the pharmacist, a carer or the patient. Its self-adhesive and airtight fastener guarantees against contamination. Each compartment contains the dose of medication for a specific time of day.
Simply insert the imedipac secure pill dispenser into the Smart Pill Box and the pill dispenser and its user are recognized thanks to the NFC card. The medissimo platforms provides the scheduled medication periods. The time periods and the deadline for taking the medication are calculated automatically for each compartment based on pharmacological data about each pill. The compartment to perforate lights up at the pre-set time. The device generates a sound, a text message or a telephone call to inform the patient or a third party of the scheduled medication time. The light remains on throughout the scheduled medication period.
If the prescribed time expires, the compartment’s light turns off and an alarm sounds to alert the patient. In the event of a medication error, several compartments flash in association with a series of escalated alerts programed by or for the patient. On the mobile application, the patient or trusted third party can access a record of the medication they have taken and the various events.

The e-health platform

Medissimo’s secure e-health platform offers supervision and allows the patient to share their adherence data with their doctor, pharmacist, nurse or a trusted third party, remotely and in a reliable and secure way.
The imedipac mobile application allows patients to interact with their communicating pill dispenser easily and intuitively. Using their smartphone or tablet, they can access a record of the medication they have taken, be alerted in an emergency or share their statistics. They can add notes on the effects of the medication they are taking and so help to improve supervision and overall understanding of the effectiveness of treatments.
imedipac connects to the medissimo e-health platform using totally secure GPRS technology.

Hundreds of millions of people affected, billions wasted each year

imediapac is designed to improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases and the 900 million elderly people worldwide.
In the United States, over-consumption of medication is the direct cause of 10% (30% in the over 65 age group) of all hospital admissions. 133 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness – a figure set to reach 157 million by 2020. Chronic diseases cause seven out of every 10 deaths each year. According to the American Heart Association, the problem with treating these diseases lies in the difficulty of effectively following poly-medicated treatments. Around half of treatments are not taken as indicated on the prescription.
In France, the issue of over-consumption exists in nursing homes, as well as among patients remaining at home, suffering from chronic diseases. In France, 11 million people are aged over 65 (17.1%) and 9 million of these are over 75.

Clinical and Scientific Trials

In 2014, Medissimo is conducting a trial of 1000 patients in order to perfect usage and produce data demonstrating the effectiveness of the device.

A beautiful everyday object

Medissimo wanted to create an everyday object which fits into the home and tones down the healthcare associations by offering patients an attractive, sleek and modern object which is easy to use.
The imedipac was designed by EliumStudio, the design agency specializing in communicating objects for consumers.

About Medissimo

Founded in 2006 by Caroline Blochet, a pharmaceutical doctor, medissimo was the first player in France to market a packaging solution for medication in a personal pill dispenser, designed to improve adherence.

Medissimo attends CES Unveiled Las Vegas. January 5th 2014 from 4pm to 7pm Mandalay Bay, Level 3, South Seas Ballroom C, Las Vegas.
Medissimo stand at CES Las Vegas: Venetian Meeting Rooms Level 1 Booth 73109

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