Well, there you go, the CES Las Vegas 2015 is already over.

We were delighted to present our latest innovations in smart health: the imedipac pill box and the imedicup.

The atmosphere was both studious and excited. In the main hall, large groups, small companies and start-ups were side by side, with a mixture of languages: a lot of English but also quite a bit of French! The Frenchtech was well represented once again!

Each company was mobilized to present their new designs and products to “es-tech” visitors! Health and connected objects were at the heart of all discussions. We met with over a hundred professionals and journalists (Le Figaro, TF1, M6, BBC to name a few) who mostly reaffirmed their interest in imedipac, our connected pill box. Some of them were prepared to buy it on the spot to use themselves or give to friends or family with chronic illnesses!


Our prototypes of the imedicup connected pill cup, met with great success. As with imedipac, its design and innovative concept were much appreciated. The need to ultra secure the medication intake of 280 million visually impaired patients is a recognized problem for the professionals and public present.


To end this account of the CES 2015, before re-reading our press release and watching our videos – which met with great success during the show – take a look at the glasses we made available for testing the imedicup. Health is a very serious subject, which doesn’t mean that we can’t make it fun every now and again.