Medissimo has invented the imedipac connected pillbox and the imedicup connected pill cup: smart tools for proper medication intake.

imedipac from Medissimo

improving intake compliance


imedicup from Medissimo

the ultimate safety in drug intake


According to the WHO, “solving the problem of patient non-compliance would be more effective than the advent of any medical progress.” With imedipac, Medissimo invents a new gold standard in connected healthcare to improve medication-intake compliance in real time. With imedicup, the connected pill cup, Medissimo provides the ultimate safety in drug intake for the visually impaired.

These and other innovations from Medissimo are centered on proper drug use, providing people with prolonged autonomy at home and protecting their quality of life.



Honored with the 2014 CES Innovation Award in the Health and Fitness category, imedipac revolutionizes intake compliance, leading to an improvement for chronic patients of up to 98% in the very first month.

Easy to use

The imedipac connected pillbox is a 7-day pill container with 28 cells. The imedipac refills are prepared by the pharmacist. Each cell contains the drug dose for one pill-taking session.
Every week, one simply inserts the new, secure refill into the connected imedipac case. Once inserted, the refill is identified by its NFC chip to ensure consistency between the user, the refill, the week, and the imedipac. The Medissimo e-health platform then transmits the intake plan, which is stored by the imedipac. At a specified time, the cell to be opened lights up and the imedipac emits a tone. The cell remains lit for the entire pill-taking session.
The patient or trusted third parties are notified (based on the settings) through a text message or a voicemail of one of the following: proper intake, improper intake, or non-intake.
On the mobile app, the patient or trusted third party has access to the treatment history.

Imedipac improves compliance and avoids over-consumption and waste. The connected pillbox from Medissimo was designed to enhance individualized prevention policies and home care. Data transmission is made reliable and secure worldwide through GPRS by Bouygues Telecom.



This everyday device was designed to provide the ultimate safety in medication intake for the 280 million visually impaired people in the worldi, guiding them to the proper cell of their pillbox at the proper moment, to avoid medication errors and prolong their autonomy at home.

How it works

The pharmacist enters the patient’s treatment data when preparing the patient’s imedipac pillbox. The imedicup synchronizes with the Medissimo mobile app from a smartphone or tablet to retrieve the pillbox’s treatment data.

The application alerts the patient when it is time to take his or her medications and the imedicup emits a clearly audible tone. With its onboard camera and QR codes printed on each pillbox cell, the imedicup signal-guides the user through beeps and vibrations.

When the correct cell is located and opened, the information is transmitted via Bluetooth. The mobile app can also geolocate the imedicup and cause it to ring, making it easy to find. The imedicup was designed to be stable on a flat surface and fit comfortably in the hand. It has a retractable collar that protects hands from the compartment-opening cutter, and has a smooth, flared shape, so the user can place the medications in the mouth safely and easily. The device is battery operated, autonomous, and designed for inductive recharging. What’s more, the imedicup has memory and independently stores a month of treatment data until it undergoes new synchronization with a smartphone or tablet.


The Medissimo e-health platform ensures confidential and secure management of information flow. It meets current hosting standards for personal health data.
The Medissimo mobile app linked to the e-health platform lets patients track and share their medication intake or record any adverse side effects. They can find information about the drugs they are taking as well as learn about those that have been prescribed. It also allows a trusted third party to access the medication history and health-related incidents.

Medissimo Founder and CEO Caroline Blochet: « Technology is leading to improvements in proper intake of medications, making patients’ lives easier and safer. With imedipac and imedicup, Medissimo is reinventing the quality of drug intake, all the way through to ingestion, for 280 million visually impaired persons and nearly a billion multimedicated people around the world.»

Available on spring 2015
Imedipac price: €289/349 USD
Imedicup price: €39/49 USD

About Medissimo

Founded in 2006 by Caroline Blochet, Doctor of Pharmacy, Medissimo is France’s first healthcare entity to market connected objects to improve medication use.
Medissimo provides people with prolonged autonomy at home and protects their quality of life by creating high-technology pillboxes that offers complete traceability of the medication path. Medissimo’s connected solutions make medication intake safer and improve therapeutic compliance on the part of multimedication patients.

CES : The Venetian Stand – 73436

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