In the October 2014 issue of “Profession Pharmacien”, the magazine featured an article on Prepared Treatment to accompany the results of an experiment carried out by URPS Normandy and Medissimo.

Covering 240 patients aged 75 and over, taking at least 5 different medications, the project was carried out in various different dispensaries in the region from September 2013 to March 2014.

“For one month, the patients received standard medication with non prepared treatment. Afterwards, volunteer patients had their prescriptions filled for three months with Prepared Treatment, in weekly doses”, explains Claude Baroukh. The results showed that the adherence of patients during the initial phase with medication provided in traditional boxes was 77%, whereas with the prepared pill box, patient adherence during the second month reached 98%”

The weekly pill box in question is the medipac secure pill box, sold by Medissimo and supported by the Siapda software program for complete traceability of the medication circuit.


For more information on the results of this experiment, check out the following presentation.

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