Since 2006, improving treatment adherence has been an important goal for Medissimo who have designed and created their technological pill boxes and tracking software Siapda.

In 2012, IMS HEALTH indicated that around the world, half of the potential savings in health costs involved adherence. These savings were calculated at 269 billion dollars for 186 countries.

In France IMS HEALTH participated in a pharmaceutical industry task force (CRIP) to organize a new survey of 170,000 patients and 6400 pharmacies over 12 months in real life situations. The idea behind this partnership was to “provide an initial objective assessment of this phenomenon …”.

The results are clear. For the 6 chronic illnesses assessed (Hypertension, Asthma, Type 2 diabetes, Osteoporoses, Heart failure and Hypercholesterolemia), on average only 40% of the population adheres correctly to their treatment.


Considering that these illnesses represent a quarter or all medication expenses, and with a risk of severe complications, the survey deduced that the potential savings could reach 9.3 billion Euro per year taking into account indirect costs for society.



However, despite these huge figures, it is not simply a question of cost, but a more general public health issue. Understanding the causes of this non adherence is essential, from lack of knowledge about the illness through misunderstanding the treatment. Health professionals, doctors and pharmacists, have an important role to play.

The CRIP and IMS HEALTH have asked for adherence to become the key national cause for 2016 thus enabling it to become “a public debate issue and to encourage the creation of innovative and tangible solutions”. Such as imedipac, the smart pill box, which will be on sale starting this winter?

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