The pharmacist is an essential participant in the patient’s treatment plan (parcours de soin). Many people think that their mission consists solely in handing out boxes of medication; this is of course completely untrue. At Medissimo, we are well aware that the pharmacist plays a crucial role in ensuring the correct use of medication. This is why, since 2006, we have been providing our PDA (Preparation of Doses to be Administered) systems for dispensaries, with in particular our secured pill boxes and the Siapda software so as to provide a real service to chronic and polymedicated patients.

In order to communicate with the general public on the importance of the pharmacist’s role, but also on the patient’s obligation to be vigilant, a few weeks ago the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) published a brochure (in french) called “Parler avec son pharmacien. Pourquoi est-ce important ?” “Talking to your pharmacist. Why is it so important?”.


It reminds us that a patient has the right to be informed about their health, and that they must not hesitate to ask their pharmacist about their treatment: “How do I take my medication? Is it different to the one I usually take? How do I use my medical devices?” (aerosols, treatment for medication or for independence at home, the medipac pill box, and soon imedipac the smart pill box). The patient is also encouraged to talk about their allergies or any medication related side effects. The brochure includes over 20 different suggestions enabling the patient to benefit from the expertise of pharmacists.

The “pharmaceutical file” (in French “dossier pharmaceutique or DP”) which records all medication dispensed, with or without a prescription, over the past four months, and which can be opened for free in a pharmacy, is also mentioned.

There are also a few guidelines for the web users that we are on the trustworthiness of specialized websites, discussion forums and social networks: “I can ask a pharmacist if the information on the Internet is reliable and adapted to my case, they can guide and inform me”.

You can access the brochure through this link.

Pharmacists and patients reading this, please tell us what you expect from dispensary relations.
We think patient/pharmacist communication is essential to improve treatment adherence. What do you think?