Medissimo’s solutions allow for complete traceability of the medication circuit and improved adherence, thanks to the secured pill boxes (mono28, medipac, …) and the Siapda software. This winter, imedipac, the smart pill box will enable you to go one step further with its embedded technology and real time warnings which can be shared with friends or relations. Medissimo believes that technology should blend into the product and satisfy the needs of patients and health professionals.

The Cessim (“Centre d’Etudes Sur les Supports de l’Information Médicale”), in partnership with IPSOS, published a graphic on the use digital technology by health professionals showing a huge increase in the use of new digital tools. We can see for example that 95% of general practitioners regularly use the internet as part of their job. 73% of them own a Smartphone, 46% have installed applications.

Pharmacists do even better as 99% of them use the Internet, mostly to visit the social security website, check the medication data base, or the hubs of their wholesalers or distributors. 94% of pharmacists were already using the internet in 2012! 72% own a Smartphone, 61% own a touch screen tablet. They use them first and foremost to read the pharmaceutical press, medical and professional information, as well as publications by official organisms. 67% also use newsletters as a source of information.

It is also interesting to discover that 47% of pharmacists claim to be interested in new formats for medical consultations using digital tools, and why not remote consultations for 35%. The new options made possible by imedipac and our mobile applications should be of interest to you!

Check out the graphic below (in french).

How do you use the new digital tools?