Direct Matin, a free daily newspaper, also available on line, dedicated one of its articles to technological objects for seniors, including the imedipac smart pill box.

They also discuss other products such as the dedicated smartphone, a fall alert system and a special headset.

You can read the full text through this link (text in French / translation below).


4. Imedipac, take medication at the right time
With its slim design, Imedipac is a smart pill box that prevents you from ever forgetting to take your medication. This easy to store object is equipped with sensors which indicate the correct blister to open and works with a dedicated smartphone application. It also detects if its owner is travelling abroad and recalculates the time of intake according to the time zones. Its producer, the French company Medissimo, wants to contribute to avoiding the medication errors which currently kill 15,000 French residents every year.