On October 1st, 2013 the French Ministry for Health launched the medicaments.gouv.fr website to provide “reliable, neutral and transparent information on medicinal drugs”.

In particular, it includes a detailed description of each drug including its key characteristics, instructions, therapeutic indications, price, social security reimbursement rate, etc…

Thus, over 12,000 pharmaceutical specialties are listed with information freely accessible to health professional and patients alike.

There is also useful information about the medication circuit, medication watch, correct medication utilization and generic drugs.

This content is also available on smartphones iOS (iPhone) and Android with which you can “flash” a medication package to access the relevant information.


This first birthday provides the opportunity for the Ministry for Health to communicate a few key figures on the use of their website:

  • 900,000 web users visited the site
  • 7,000,000 page views
  • The drugs with the most views:
    DOLIPRANE 100 mg, powder in pouch format: 12,045 visits in one year
    DOLIPRANE 1000 mg, tablet: 11,027 visits in one year
    LAMALINE, capsule: 6,599 visits in one year
    PREVISCAN 20 mg : 6,417 visits in one year
    KARDEGIC 75 mg, powder in pouch format: 6,019 visits in one year
  • The most frequently read articles:
    “Buying medicine online”
    “Removal of the pharmaceutical label”
    “Generic drugs”

You can check out the website on this address: