The September 2014 issue of the magazine “Enjeux Les Echos” provides a survey by Nathalie Silbert on smart objects “Chronic of a foreseen tidal wave”.

This article is illustrated by a charming comic strip by Aurel which is sure to put a smile on your face, and which ends with a very familiar product… (Article in French, translation below)


What do you mean?
“The six million dollar man”
“James Bond”
Did you not used to dream about them?
Not really

Do you realize?
All of those gadgets are now really part of our life
Like what?

“Like what?”
The smart watch!

It can do everything a telephone does
(Except telephone)

The smart bracelet
It can do everything the watch does, but it doesn’t tell the time
And you wear it on your ankle like an ankle monitor?

Be connected
Smart glasses
Here, for example
I’ll put them on while I’m looking at you

The smart t-shirt
It knows your physiological state and tells you how you are
Smart t-shirt: You are hot and dehydrated
The smart electronic cigarette
It keeps you informed on your consumption and your progress
I don’t suppose they’ve invented the smart tooth-brush?
Yes they have. Why?
Tell me this
Can I tell you about the… Smart weighing scales?
Well done
Very elegant, James Bond…

You’d almost think that the gadget does not make the gentleman
My smart pill box
Is telling me I’ve had my fill

“Les Echos”